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Insight Manitoba is a full-service political consulting, communications and polling company that provides the quality experience campaign advice, information and results in the marketplace to our clients public at affordable pricing.

Why Insight Manitoba?

Deep Election Knowledge
We have worked at all levels of elections from Municipal, Provincial, Federal, and Party Leadership in various roles from official agents, GOTV coordinators, and Campaign Managers. This means that whatever the campaign, we can provide detailed knowledge on project execution.
Years of Experience
All our principals have over 15 years of experience working through several cycles. We have seen the transformation of political campaigning go from labour-intense paper focused campaigns to smaller campaigns leveraged by digital tools to achieve similar results. We've seen fads and transformative changes to know what we need to bring to your campaign, and what's just noise.
In-house Solutions
To help achieve our business, we look to low-cost in-house solutions to help satisfy our customer demands to ensure that we can get our message out in an effective cost-conscious way.

Contact Us

[email protected]Need Campaign Support?
Please send us a message or email with your campaign and needs and we'll setup a meeting to discuss options
Want to get paid?
Insight is always looking for callers to help on our campaigns, please send us your resume and we'll reach out during our next campaign.

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